About Us

Our Company was registered on the 19th Nov, 2013, however we have been operating under Dolphin Logistics and Supply Co. Ltd. which was registered in early 18th May, 2011.

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Our Core Strength

We are experienced in Third Party Monitoring & Evaluation on Programs/Projects, Baseline surveys, Developing Organizational Communications Strategy, Training & Development …

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Our Mission

Invistas mission is to provide a quality product and service that satisfies our customers needs and expectations the first time, every time.

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Areas of Expertise


Financial Services

Our financial management team helps organizations in the public & private sectors to automate and accelerate the consolidation process,

ICT Services

We design and implement ICT solutions, based on cutting edge technologies and products

Media Campaigns

A good public relations campaign will help develop the image and reputation of your business and programs.

Communications Strategy

Our Communications team coordinates and executes an effective plan , translations and other strategies.

Business Development

We create long-term value for your organization from customers, markets, and identifying, securing and managing relationships with these partners

Project Monitoring & Evaluation

We engage various tools & processes to measure if a program has been implemented according to plan and is having the desired result.

Survey and Data Collection

We employ a variety of techniques and technologies in the collection, analysis, interpretation ...

Training and Development

We underatake NGO Staff training, Business Staff training, Institutional Staff training.

Community Consultation

Community consultation is to understand the community within the area of benefit to your organization ..

Our Clients